The Upside of the Downside – 24 Things To Do During COVID Lockdown

Grant Ian GambleBy Grant Ian Gamble | April 2, 2020

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On one hand, the COVID pandemic is forcing us to isolate ourselves. On the other, it is bringing families back together and getting people outside.

My wife and I typically get outside whenever and wherever we can. Sometimes it’s for a mountain bike ride or run, sometimes paddle boarding, sometimes just for a walk.

Our motivation is to get some exercise, a little Vitamin D, and to diversify our microbiome.

Whenever possible, we take the kids with us and involve them. 

Since COVID restrictions have been ramping up, we’ve seen more and more families out and about with their kids. The bike trails have been more heavily populated than ever and the reservoir we paddle on has been a lot busier than usual.

I am sure many of these people and families would normally be going to the gym, or maybe doing something at home. Others may not normally do regular exercise or get outside, but as cabin fever sets in people are looking for any opportunity to get out of the house and do something.

To me, this is the upside of the downside.

This pandemic is a very real crisis for our communities and to increase our isolation in an increasingly digitally (dis)connected world is not good.

Being thrust back into our family units and rediscovering the joys of doing things together is a very real benefit.

Kids that were at school during the day are back in the household and as boredom sets in, creativity starts to blossom. There is a limit to how many movies or shows we can watch and I am starting to see and hear of creative ways people are trying to break the boredom.

Here are some assorted suggestions and thoughts: 


  1. Get out in the garden, pull some weeds and get set for Spring.
  2. Clear out the basement, or that junk room, it’s way overdue!
  3. Refurbish something, maybe that old chair or lamp?
  4. Redecorate, simplify, rearrange.
  5. Tackle your winter closet and get set for Spring.
  6. Go walking or hiking, off the beaten track.
  7. Do an online family yoga class in the living room.
  8. Begin that meditation practice you have been thinking about forever.
  9. Reach back out to long lost friends, maybe even write a letter or two?
  10. Do some online learning!
  11. Play video games with your kids.
  12. Phone a friend, or three (FaceTime is even better).
  13. Play music! Take turns, and listen to everyone’s music.
  14. Begin a pushup challenge with a friend. Send your pushup video daily!
  15. Read a book!
  16. Have a TED Talk afternoon.
  17. Rotate cooking responsibilities with everyone and try some new recipes.
  18. Put together your goals and wish list for post-Coronavirus!
  19. Begin journaling.
  20. Have picnics in the front yard, or backyard, or both!
  21. Go for a drive somewhere new and scenic.
  22. Get those bikes dusted off and go for a pedal.
  23. Go for a walk down memory lane with your old photos and videos.
  24. Get your paint brushes out. Paint a wall or a masterpiece.

Whatever you do, treat this as a time to reconnect with your family, friends, and Mother Nature. Try something new or get back into something you used to love and have not had time to do.

This can be a time of reflection and renewal. Opportunity abounds in the adversity our community is facing at present.

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