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After serving as a Junior Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, I returned to civilian life and quickly rose to a General Manager’s position in a small national fitness chain. At age 23, an opportunity presented itself to purchase a failing fitness club and turn it around. This project ignited my entrepreneurial spirit and leveraged my leadership skills. I transitioned the business to a fitness and wellness model, which led to unprecedented success in what was formerly a hotly contested fitness market. 

The success of this turnaround sparked interest in the fitness industry and another floundering franchise operation recruited me to head up a complete rebrand of their hard-core fitness model into a broader, more welcoming wellness model. As the COO, I led this company from two struggling centers to a group of 12 successful locations spanning South East Queensland. After growing company revenue 15x in 4 years, I established an international consulting firm and later a full-service marketing agency predominantly operating in the Asia-Pacific arena. 

In 1997, I took on two consulting contracts with companies on the East Coast of the U.S. to establish large wellness centers. This ultimately led to offers for a permanent role at both, and I accepted the role of Senior Vice President at acac Fitness & Wellness and moved to the U.S. permanently. Over 10 years, I grew this company from a $3M revenue single site operation to a $45M revenue, multi-site group on the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. I later returned to acac for a second contract where I managed their growth from just under $50M to almost $100M annual revenue in 4 years.

Over the course of these two contracts, I managed the design, development and construction of over two dozen campuses and clinics. These projects varied from a stand-alone Concierge Medical Practice to a 22 acre Wellness Campus; from a regional group of Physical Therapy clinics to an urban mixed use development centered around a four-story wellness center; from a physician campus to a suburban recreational campus.

acac enjoyed the highest market penetration rate of any U.S. market, which we achieved by focusing on the “interested deconditioned market segment,” establishing the Physician Recommended Exercise Program (P.R.E.P.), a Corporate Wellness Program, creating partnerships with local and regional hospitals and healthcare providers and establishing our own WellnessMD and Physical Therapy clinics. My vision was for fitness and wellness to become an accessible preventative healthcare solution for the communities we were serving.

In 2008, I re-launched my consulting firm and combined my passion and experience in growing mindful businesses to serve a small group of select clients and take on various full-time assignments.

In 2016, I took on a role as the Chief Operating Officer of the Seraphic Group and grew that business 10x in less than 2 years. I was in charge of both shaping and executing the vision of these startups.

This group of companies included startups in the human and animal health sectors,  livestock and agricultural sectors, a pyrolysis company, a digital R&D collaboration platform, and an R&D division with its own Core Lab.

In addition to heading up operations, I was also personally responsible for managing the sales, marketing, and HR divisions. I spearheaded the growth of this suite of companies from ‘start-up’ to $50M annual revenue in two years, with sales in over 120 countries.

Currently, I am consulting with a small group of clients in the U.S. and Australia in sectors as varied as integrative health, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nitro coffee start-up to an established and growing consortium in the social club sector.

In 2020, I published my best-selling book, “The Affinity Principle.  A Formula for Business Success through Mindful Leadership.”

In 2021, my family and I traveled over 20,000 miles (about 32,000 kilometers), including a South Pacific crossing on a 38-foot sailing catamaran.

About Grant Ian Gamble


PEOPLE FIRST, ALWAYS – Approaching every person with genuine empathy and compassion.

INTEGRITY – Seeking the highest good for our team, partners and clients.

TRANSFORMATION – Driving innovation for maximum impact with minimum footprint.

TRANSCENDENCE – Transforming leadership, teams, and community dynamics for the greatest good of all.

Grant’s towering strength is his ability to walk the line between providing top-notch executive leadership, and rolling up his sleeves and working very hands on with frontline employees. Grant can lead top-down from the C-suite with his intellect, or from the ground up with his work ethic and teamwork. Grant is a natural leader.

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