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After leaving the Australian Navy, Grant worked in various management positions before purchasing his first business at 23. The business had failed three times in the same location and offered to be a challenging endeavor. This opportunity truly allowed Grant to explore his entrepreneurial spirit. The success of its turnaround led him to a number of opportunities to help rebuild and grow other companies in larger and even more challenging markets.

After taking on several companies in markets as diverse as hospitality, property development and the fitness industry, Grant found another opportunity to pick up a failing business and apply his many learnings to turn this company around. With two partners, and the existing team, they were able to take this company from a losing proposition to a financially viable business in three months. This led to many approaches from business owners to help them turn their companies around and led Grant to establish his first consulting firm, Ultimate Performance Systems (UPS).

Many of the companies Grant worked with really needed sales and marketing support, so he started a full-service marketing agency with a partner, to complement his consulting work. Millenium Graphics and UPS’s client base broadened from Australasia into Europe and then into the U.S. market. Grant was busy presenting at a growing number of international conferences on business, and both of his companies continued to expand their client bases.

In 1997, Grant took on a substantial contract on the East Coast of the U.S. that developed into a full-time consulting position.

After shelving UPS and selling Millennium Graphics to his partner, Grant moved to the U.S. to take up a C-Suite position with acac Fitness and Wellness. He went on to help grow this small local gym into an internationally recognized force in the Fitness and Wellness industry.

In 2008, Grant and his wife, Jana, launched a new business consulting firm, Stella Jackson Creative (named after their kids). Their passion and experience in growing businesses allows them to serve a small group of select clients, in and around other various full-time contracts.

Most recently, Grant served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Seraphic Group, and helped grow that business by 10x in the space of 2 years. This role touched on sales, marketing, HR, operations, facility development and sales channel development, and growth.

When asked what has underwritten Grant’s successes in the business world, he puts it down to simply putting people first. Developing leadership teams and growing talented team members leads to great customer experiences. Great customer experiences ensure financial success and sustained growth for companies.

When there is a strong focus on hiring, acclimating and training team members, brands thrive. The right talent, doing their best work, makes managing a business easier.

Grant has worked with and held executive positions with numerous best in category brands ranging from healthcare to hospitality. From his first blockbuster success at age 23, Grant has championed growth and sustainability through practical and actionable methodologies that he shares with his clients and audiences worldwide.

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