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Strategic Planning

The GIG Consulting Team can help guide your organization in the process of defining its strategy, or direction, and to determine and prioritize decisions on allocation of resources to execute this strategy. This can be done in small group sessions or in large group workshops.

Business Modeling

The GIG Team works with you to help build or refine your business model. This includes defining your target audience, your unique placement in the marketplace, defining and refining pricing, channels and timelines.

Startup Consulting

The GIG Team helps entrepreneurs in the early phases of their business development. Providing access to numerous complementary resources. Grant can help the nascent brand form and grow in the boot strapping phase of its lifecycle.

Mission, Vision & Core Values Development

We will help you and your team develop and/or refine your mission, vision and core values. This process helps refine how your brand will achieve its objectives, how you differentiate yourself from other brands, and the values of your organization. This process helps all stakeholders and your customers understand who you are and how you do business.

Business Structure

Our team can provide guidance in choosing your business structure as this can impact day-to-day operations, risk management and taxes. We help you determine the right balance of legal protections and tax benefits.

Vendor Selection

Finding the right vendors and navigating these relationships can have a significant and long-term impact on your business. We can help research, vet and select vendors ranging from financial institutions to suppliers.

Property Selection & Acquisition

Site selection and acquisition is a critical factor in starting or growing a business, whether you’re leasing or purchasing. The process of identifying, conducting a review, getting approval, and acquiring a site can distract your team and take an inordinate amount of time. Grant and his team can help streamline this process and avoid pitfalls that are common in this process.

Equipment Selection & Acquisition

Equipment purchases need to fit in with your overall strategy. Selecting the right equipment can improve your processes, productivity, capacity to innovate and your bottom line. Grant can help you in ensuring your major capital investments meet your short and long-term needs, ultimately saving time and resources.

Product Differentiation

Defining and highlighting the unique features and benefits of your product or service helps separate you from your competition. Grant has worked extensively with innumerable companies to build their unique selling proposition and help communicate these unique qualities to the marketplace.

Sales Team Development

Building a sales team is a process. In the early phases of a business it may not make sense, but as you prove out the marketability of your products and services and create a pipeline, a sales team becomes critical. Grant can help you determine what your team should look like, and the GIG team can help with hiring. He can also assist in building tools and systems and training to optimize your sales team’s performance.

Culture Building

Great company culture helps you attract and retain talent. Grant can help you define what your culture is like now and determine if you need to make any changes. If your company is in its early stages, or you know that you need to change your culture, Grant can help guide you and define/refine what your company culture and values should look like and how to grow into that definition.

Team Building

Team building can include everything from the daily activities through to facilitated events. Grant and his team can provide guidance and facilitation, as needed, to give your team building a boost.

Change Management

Change management should ensure that changes are effectively and seamlessly implemented, and that sustainable change is achieved. Grant helps you and your team focus on the broader impacts of change, particularly as it affects your people. He can also help you navigate from the current situation to the new one. This may be something as simple as a small process change, through to major change in policy or strategy.

Driving Social Responsibility

Social responsibility includes the need for transparency, sharing of information, engagement in sustainability, a global viewpoint and navigating pressure created from the failures of the public sector. Handling these highly volatile topics and expressing them effectively to your stakeholders and customers is critical in today’s highly connected world.

Reinventing Your Business

Whether you’ve shifted from core business, or stuck with it too long, or there are problems with execution, shifting consumer trends, or failure through scaling or lack thereof, most brands face critical points where they need to reinvent themselves. Grant can help you through these pain points based on a wealth of experience he has accumulated helping businesses reinvent themselves.

Dispute Resolution

Often, a third party can help resolve internal conflicts or disputes between stakeholders. Grant and his team can help explore, negotiate, mediate or arbitrate these pain points and help provide long-term solutions to what may be minor hiccups, or even deep rooted issues within your organization.

Retreat Facilitation

Whether it’s an executive retreat, strategic planning retreat or a change management retreat, Grant and his team can provide extraordinary results for organizations needing to renew or refine their collective impetus. Working with world class venues and talent, Grant will ensure that your retreat exceeds your expectations.

Branding & Marketing Consulting

Grant is a skilled professional in the area of branding and marketing. He has a proven ability to provide an analytical approach to consumer behavior and help develop strategies to grow your business. Grant partners with other branding and marketing professionals to provide end-to-end services ranging from market research to public relations.


Exit Strategy

If you are planning to sell your company to investors or another company, a well-executed exit strategy is critical. It gives you a way to reduce or liquidate your stake in your business and make a substantial profit. Positioning your company for optimal profit takes time and planning. Let Grant and his team help you optimize your exit strategy.



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