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Grant’s experience, enthusiasm and down to earth relatability shine through in his presentations, which makes him a much sought after speaker for business events, retreats and conferences.


Grant’s best-selling book, The Affinity Principle™, presents a formula for business success through a people-centric, mindful leadership approach.

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Grant has presented to corporate and business groups in the U.S., Australia, Asia, and Europe on topics ranging from marketing, innovation, and wellness through to corporate social responsibility and mindful leadership. As a successful entrepreneur and much respected leader, Grant has amassed an amazing set of achievements in the business world and continues to work with multiple companies and start-ups across the globe.

Grant attributes his business success to always putting people first.

Grant began his business journey at age 23 in Australia, after taking on a failed business in a historically underperforming business district. Grant turned the company around and helped steward the district into a vibrant business mecca that still thrives today. This was the first chapter of an accomplished career turning businesses and start-ups into a string of success stories. Grant’s expertise has spanned manufacturing and agriculture through to hospitality and healthcare delivery.

Grant’s experience and enthusiasm shine through in his presentations, and his down to earth relatability make him a much sought after speaker for business events, retreats and conferences.

Grant has a wide variety of topics that he will customize for you. Once you choose a subject, Grant will spend some time with you discussing the specifics and outcomes you are seeking. He then builds his presentation around your goals and brings focus to the areas of interest you want covered. Below is a list of topic areas Grant covers in his talks.

Grant Ian Gamble Business Consulting | Author | Speaker | Business Consultant | Coach |The Affinity Principle | Best Seller Logo

The Affinity Principle™ presents a formula for business success through a people-centric, mindful leadership approach. The Affinity Formula is simple: mindful leadership creates an incredible team performance, which leads to an awesome customer experience and that yields great financial results. 

The book explores 12 Pillars and Levers of Leadership and Engagement designed to help leaders attract, retain, and optimize talent, and achieve Affinity.




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» THE AFFINITY PRINCIPLE™: How to Increase Your Bottom Line Through Mindful Leadership

The Affinity Principle | Business Mindful Leadership | Grant Ian GambleGrant Ian Gamble | 12 Pillars and Levers of Leadership

Based on his best-selling book, The Affinity Principle™,  Grant lays out a formulaic approach to delivering great leadership at all levels of your organization.

Many companies and leaders have not consistently focused on leadership development, even though the rewards are great. Like any team member, leaders need opportunities to grow and leadership development is critical in keeping your management team engaged and motivated.

Leadership development prepares team members and leaders to take on more responsibilities in the future, allowing for seamless company growth.

In this talk, Grant unveils opportunities for your leaders to use their inherent strengths every day. He explores leadership goals that will motivate your leaders and develop their skills for consistent growth and improvement.

» Great Teamwork: Setting Up a Culture Communication, Trust and Empathy

A culture of trust, communication and great teamwork starts with mindful leadership.

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Great Teamwork: Setting Up a Culture of Trust, Communication and EmpathyIn this presentation, Grant explores the connection between leadership and teamwork and how to produce a culture of trust and communication. He shares ways to inspire and ignite synergy between leadership and team in order to stimulate cooperation interdepartmentally and between divisions of your company.

Grant delivers this talk in simple, implementable ways that will help your team grow together. This talk can be incorporated with some fun activities exploring the differences and similarities between team members.

Empathy leads to great teamwork. When we get to know each other well, it becomes much easier to work together. 

This experiential layer can help reduce friction and develop appreciation and respect across your team.

» Utilizing Mindful Leadership Practices to Achieve Amazing Customer Experiences and Brand Success

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Utilizing Mindful Leadership Practices to Achieve Amazing Customer Experiences and Brand IntegrityGrant demonstrates how to help your team engage and consistently delight your customers and grow your bottom line. He shares anecdotes and insights into delivering incredible customer service.

Grant follows the journey to great customer experiences from recruitment, team selection and engagement, to training and outcomes.

If you’re in the business of service you’ll love this exploration of dialing your service up through TEAM. This presentation can be delivered at a team or management level, depending on your needs.

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

» HR: Talent Scout, Cheerleader and Relationship Builder

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | HR: Talent Scout, Cheerleader, Relationship BuilderHire hard, manage easy.

The need to attract and retain talent has never been as necessary as it is in today’s global market.

Depth and breadth of your talent pool is critical, but how you lead and inspire teamwork will ultimately define your success.

In this presentation, Grant shares powerful methodologies for refining talent acquisition in your company. He also shares some unique perspectives on how to define and attract the right team members to your company.

Furthermore, Grant highlights critical elements of building cohesive and high-performance teams. He also focuses on engagement and retention tools and systems to ensure the talent you have worked so hard to recruit is more likely to stay on your team for the long term.

» Managing Your Most Valuable Non-Renewable Resource: TIME

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Managing Your Most Valuable Non-Renewable Resource: TimeTime management might be the biggest single problem faced by entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and team members today.

Superfluous meetings and emails, interruptions, procrastination and the inability to delegate certain tasks, are the top 5 ‘time wasters’ executives cite.

In this presentation, Grant shares a simple technique that helps you understand your allocation of your most precious resource: TIME. He explores the challenges in reallocating this non-renewable resource and breaking unproductive habits. He covers delegation techniques and tools to help leverage your time and focus your efforts. He also explores some things to add to your list: worthwhile activities that will help you focus and leverage the gift of time with which we are all equally blessed.

» Sales, aka Relationship Building

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Sales aka Relationship BuildingSales training starts with the CEO and threads its way through every layer of your company.

Grant explores “sales” and the many misconceptions that abound in the sales realm. He demonstrates the importance of sales skills for leaders and line personnel.

As with all his presentations, Grant has the ability to customize this talk to the audience you are seeking to address and focus on your key pain points or learning goals.

Whether it’s networking and relationship building or generating referrals, Grant’s wealth of experience across many industries helps  him dig into elements as diverse as your sales process all the way through to enhancing communications skills.

» Embracing Change: Overcome Fear & Evolve Your Brand

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Embrace Change: Overcome Fear and Grow Your BrandChange is inevitable. Whether in business or our personal lives, nothing stays the same forever. Helping your team navigate change can be challenging, and yet rewarding.

In this presentation, Grant explores the dynamics of change and how it is seen by a cross section of team members. He shows you how to help those team members who are resistant to navigating this inevitable phenomenon within your company.

Helping your team embrace and leverage change will help you grow your brand and create a more profitable business.

Get your team excited about embracing change today!

» Creating Cultural Stewards and Maintaining Brand Integrity as Your Brand Grows

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Creating Cultural Stewards and Maintaining Brand Integrity as Your Brand GrowsConsistently delivering your brand’s cultural promise to your team members, and in turn to your customers, is hard to do. It gets harder and harder as your company grows.

In this presentation, Grant shares scalable ways to grow and expand your cultural underpinnings and maintain brand integrity.

Grant has grown small, single0-site companies into regional and national icons and carried the cultural integrity through this growth. The power of a healthy corporate culture is undeniable and delivering your brand’s cultural promise through your team is achievable on any scale with the right training and systems in place.

» Responsible Corporate Citizenship: Making a Difference While Making a Profit

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Responsible Corporate Citizenship: Making a Difference While Making a ProfitCorporate Citizenship is a powerful movement that builds on the foundations of capitalism.

Sometimes described as “Conscious Capitalism” or “Corporate Social Responsibility”, this movement highlights the inspiration and engagement that occurs when companies look beyond pure profit motivation.

The concept of corporations being good citizens is not new, but truly engaging leadership, stakeholders, team members in a higher purpose has shown to pay enormous dividends for enlightened companies.

Implicit in this extension of corporate responsibility is engagement with the community (local, regional, or even global), good environmental stewardship, and inspired social responsibility.

In this presentation, Grant explores the opportunities and roles of you and your teams in integrating socially responsible underpinnings in key initiatives going forward.

» Personal Excellence: How to Grow In Order to Help Your Team Members Excel

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Personal Growth: How to Grow In Order to Help Your Team Members ExcelGrant digs deep into personal excellence and what that means for an individual and how it benefits your company.

He explores what we’re doing personally in order to develop and improve our performance in and out of work. As the world continues to speed up, the ability to ‘keep up’ or move forward becomes increasingly complex and challenging.

Grant reviews the core elements of personal excellence and translates this into creating work/life balance.

In this presentation, Grant also covers personal accountability and stress management and assists team members to understand their own personal drivers and how they affect their relationships, their teams, company culture, and ultimately profitability.

» Generation Gaps: How a Diverse Team Can Benefit Your Brand

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Generation Gap: How Diversity Can Benefit Your BrandFor a long time, we have heard about, and no doubt experienced, “generation gaps”.

Grant approaches this topic from a very different perspective and looks at the opportunities that exist between and across generations. Most companies have a spread of generations across their workforce, and Grant explores the benefits of this cross section.

Some companies are more monochromatic, typically hiring within a narrow band of age.

Grant shows some very tangible ways in which a more age diverse workforce can benefit your brand. He also explores the differences that exist when it comes to retaining, engaging, and understanding different generations in the workforce.

This presentation spans the Baby Boomers through to Post-Millennials and can focus on the areas in which your company has the most relevance.

NOTE: Grant can also cover targeting different generations as customers.

» How to Achieve Brand Power

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | How to Achieve Brand PowerThe underpinnings of a great brand are complex, but incredibly important for your team to embrace. Building, or even maintaining a great brand is tied to many elements of your day-to-day operations.

In large measure, strong brands get built through strong culture and great customer experiences.

The process of defining your brand begins in the planning stages, but implementing that vision comes down to your team.

Your marketing team will be critical in this process, but your leadership and team members’ buy in is fundamental.

In this presentation, Grant explores some great brands and how they have achieved brand power and sustainability through their people.

» Becoming #1: Innovation and Disruption

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Becoming Number One: Innovation and DisruptionWhen consulting with companies, one phrase is often repeated to describe systems and methodologies:

“But that’s how we’ve always done it.”

Business and industry are moving at an ever escalating pace and simply doing things the way they’ve always been done rarely aligns with present challenges and demands.

Even though embracing innovation can challenge a company’s need to maintain control, it is actually about doing things we’ve always done more efficiently and effectively.

Being innovative is about solving problems and bottlenecks with creativity, technology, and new ways of thinking about old problems. Innovation is crucial for growth, facing future challenges, and gaining an advantage over competitors.

With innovation comes disruption.

The disruptive nature of innovation can allow companies to transcend their competition.

In this presentation, Grant focuses on disruptive technologies and solutions that illustrate the inherent value of challenging status quo.  The challenge for leadership is navigating this rocky path while retaining talent and managing the future workforce and technology needs of the company.

Communication with your team and stake holders is critical in this process of change, and Grant illustrates the way major disruptors have embraced innovation while changing entire industries.

» Your Secret Weapon: Leveraging Tech

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Your Secret Weapon Leveraging TechTechnology intertwines every element of society, politics and business. Even keeping up within niche sectors can be incredibly hard.

Companies need to be receptive to technological opportunities and understand threats in their space.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more prevalent and autopilot and driverless cars somewhat passé, companies are asking what they can do to keep up, or even get ahead of the opportunities tech can afford them.

Grant brings all this into focus around people and managing teams, while leveraging tech.

» Nurturing Diversity: A Well-Rounded Team Leads to a Well-Rounded Brand

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Nurturing DiversityGroup think: “The practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.”

Group think means reduced performance and productivity.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but the best decisions come when we gather multiple data points and team members feel free to express a differing opinion without potential retribution.

Whether it’s your Board of Directors, your executive team, or your team itself, diversity is essential. Diversity of opinion, gender, race, disability, of age, etc.

In this presentation, Grant shares anecdotes and graphic examples of the power of diversity in your workplace. Studies abound that support these benefits of greater diversity within companies.

Grant also shares some of the challenges that come with diversity and puts them in perspective.

Fostering different ideas, viewpoints and perspectives demands establishing trust, mutual respect and a culture of inclusion.

Creating this culture of teamwork and respect will promote a positive and productive work environment and Grant  shares some simple tools to establish these touchstones.

This talk is a great lead in to implementing a diversity training program. Ongoing diversity training is an essential element in educating your team on the proper way to include and treat people of different backgrounds.

» Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving: Create a Culture of Solutions Providers

Long-term, mid-term and short-term strategic initiatives are essential to maintain focus.

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Create a Culture of Solutions ProvidersAligning, prioritizing and focusing resources on these initiatives can be challenging. In this presentation, Grant explores a range of approaches from simple tools to sophisticated information acquisition, analysis and implementation strategies. He also hammers home the importance of maintaining focus and avoiding ‘strategic creep’.

In the fast-paced business environments we compete in today, problem solving skills are essential to keep your team and company on its strategic course.

These course corrections are critical and Grant reviews tried and proven tools and techniques and also explores some unique and innovative ways to create a culture of solution providers.

» Taking Your Brand To the Next Level

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Taking Your Brand To the Next LevelThere are inevitable pinch points when we continue to do things the way we’ve always done them. These glass ceilings are hard to crack and often require a shift in perspective and mindset.

In this presentation, Grant explores ways to work on process improvement and explore opportunities for growth. He explores tactics ranging from delegation to outsourcing, process improvement to systems overhauls, and balancing automation with creativity.

Grant  also looks at transitional strategies that allow team members to expand their roles and allow everyone to move up through the organization. This can substantially improve retention and performance in your team, but ensuring the team members you’re promoting are up to the task does involve checks and balances that range from job crafting to safety nets.

» If I Could, You Can Too: Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment

Grant Gamble Business Consulting | Speaker Profile | Inspiration, Motivation, EmpowermentGrant began his journey in business with no formal training and no financial backstops.

At the age of 23, Grant took a business that had failed four times in a row at the same location, with the same team, equipment and facilities, and created a formidable brand in an incredibly competitive industry.

This experience began to shape a business career that has spanned numerous industries and changed innumerable lives.

With a strong focus on people, Grant has defied the odds to help transform companies that were struggling into fully functional powerhouses.

With  compelling stories of transformation in industries ranging from hospitality to healthcare, Grant has phenomenal tales of inspiration and motivation that encourage his audiences to see the possibilities within their business challenges.

I have worked with Grant for 23 years and he is one of the finest leaders I have ever met.

Living proof that nice guys can finish first, Grant has a unique style blending kindness, compassion and desire for excellence that inspires the people he works with to do their very best.

He cares deeply about the work he does and the people on his team, and goes to great lengths to make sure everyone is on board and striving to succeed.

As a veteran speaker and top-ranked industry presenter, Grant is among the best in the business at communicating concepts and training programs to grow brands and improve businesses.

Having worked in several industries both in the US and abroad, he is experienced, comfortable and resourceful in a wide variety of sectors.

I can recommend him without hesitation, knowing that he will succeed and make a huge difference for any company or brand fortunate enough to have him on board.

Tim Rhode

CEO, Rhode Management Company

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Grant Ian Gamble Business Consulting | Author | Speaker | Business Consultant | Coach |The Affinity Principle | Best Seller Logo

The Affinity Principle™ by Grant Gamble presents a formula for business success through a people-centric, mindful leadership approach.