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Working with consciously responsible businesses

to align their intrinsic purpose with successful

outcomes for all their stakeholders, humankind

and the planet.


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Align your intrinsic purpose with successful outcomes for all of your stakeholders, humankind and the planet.

Grant is a consciously responsible thought leader with over 35 years of experience growing successful companies across multiple industries. 

His formula for business success is simple: he believes that great leadership inspires great team performance, which creates a great customer experience, which leads to long-term financial success

The pillars of Grant’s message are integrity, authenticity, constant evolution, and maintaining an abundance mentality. He attributes his many business successes to his people-first approach, which has made him a respected leader of innumerable organizations over the years.

Grant’s expertise includes (see a full list of services below):

  • INITIATE: Start-up development
  • PRODUCE: Business growth and evolution
  • MAINTAIN & EVOLVE: Pursuing areas of growth;  Reinvention / resurrection of businesses that are struggling

Grant is a model for work-life balance, inspiring his teams and clients to take control of their family and business life in order to live happy, healthy, balanced, and fulfilled lives.

Grant’s towering strength is his ability to walk the line between providing top-notch executive leadership, and rolling up his sleeves and working very hands on with frontline employees. Grant can lead top-down from the C-suite with his intellect, or from the ground up with his work ethic and teamwork. Grant is a natural leader.

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Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Grant’s core work is helping your company mindfully accelerate its success by applying a simple formula he’s developed over more than 35 years as a thought leader in business. In the process, he helps you build  a healthy, high-performing, self-managing company that has the capability to address any challenge.

Here is Grant’s 4-step process:

Step 1: Discovery.  This very important step allows Grant to get to know your company, its key players and their teams, their success areas as well as their needs or concerns.

Step 2. Diagnosis. Grant provides his assessment of all functional areas of the business.

Step 3. Action Plan. Grant works with you and the relevant teams to develop a comprehensive plan to address the needs and concerns established in Discovery and help align a healthy corporate culture, an improved customer experience, and optimal business performance.

Steps 4. Transformation & Evolution. In an energized atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork, Grant works side by side with you and your teams to systematically implement the action plan.





  • Accelerate profitability, growth, and capture more market share.
  • Change corporate culture.
  • Accelerate the maturation of a fast-growing organization.
  • Revitalize an aging or under-performing organization.
  • Strengthen a management team.
  • Integrate acquisitions and mergers.
  • Help resolve conflicts between founders, owners, board members, partners, and family members.
  • Transition leadership and ownership to the next generation.




  • Business Model Development / Assessment
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Market Research 
  • Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy Development
  • Sustainable & Scalable Sales Systems Development
  • Sustainable & Scalable Operations Systems Development
  • KPI Identification
  • Appropriate Distribution of Resources
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Team Hiring, Building & Training


  • Culture Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Systems Development & Refinement
  • KPI Tracking
  • Mid-Course Adjustments
  • Appropriate Redistribution of Resources 
  • Identification of Areas for Growth (new markets, new channels, new products, new services, product/service extensions)
  • Powerful Hiring Checks and Balances
  • Management Teams Training & Development


  • Pursue Areas for Growth (new markets, new channels, new products, new services, product/service extensions)
  • Team Training
  • Executive Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Speaking Services

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