30 Business Sectors That Are Booming During the COVID-10 Pandemic

Grant Ian GambleBy Grant Ian Gamble | April 28, 2020

Grant Ian Gamble is a business growth consultant, executive coach, author and keynote speaker. He works in a broad array of industries helping companies build teams, navigate change and drive growth.

Obviously, a key area to focus your attention on is taking care of your existing customers. But many of your customers are simply trying to sustain their viability in these trying times. In many cases that translates to taking care of their team members and customers, and they may not have the bandwidth to deal with much else. 

As a result, many of us are seeing softness in our pipelines and deal slippage as our existing customers try to survive and adapt. Meetings get canceled, site visits are eliminated, and everyone’s trying to find a new norm. 

Therefore, we need to consider newly emerging opportunities and business sectors to shore up our pipelines and orders. Whereas it might normally be difficult to establish new business opportunities during a crisis, normal supply channels have been disrupted and companies are scrambling for new suppliers and options.

Below, I have listed a number of businesses and sectors that are thriving at present (alphabetically) and many of these have escalating needs that may benefit you and your business:



  • Board games and puzzles makers and sellers
  • Bread baking companies
  • Canned goods and jarred goods
  • Cleaning services 
  • Coffee subscription services
  • Delivery services and food delivery 
  • Drive-in movie theaters (who would have thought)
  • Home fitness equipment sales
  • Grocery stores and convenience stores
  • Hardware and gardening supplies
  • Landscaping and yard maintenance
  • Logo, graphics and design services (as companies reengineer themselves)
  • Marketing services
  • Mask and eye protection manufacturers
  • Meal preparation businesses
  • Medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Online Pet supplies
  • Online sales in general, ranging from Amazon to vineyards
  • Outdoor equipment e.g. bikes, canoes etc.
  • Pizza delivery and take-out food delivery  services
  • Restaurants now solely providing take out
  • Segments of the healthcare sector, particularly diagnostics
  • Technology consulting services and repair
  • Telehealth services
  • Telemarketing
  • Trash removal, dumpsters
  • Tutoring and Online learning
  • Video conference platforms (software and hardware)
  • Video production
  • Wine, spirits and beer manufacturers and sellers

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully will provide some ideas and potential opportunities to explore for your business.

The good news is that you may have more access to potential clients than ever as the competition thins and increased sales for these sectors demand more resources and supplies. These blossoming sectors have problems to solve and needs to fulfill.

Take some time with your team to explore this list and even expand upon it. What opportunities exist out there for you and your company to leverage the upswing some other businesses are experiencing in these turbulent times?

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