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The Affinity Principle Leadership Appraisal is a free benchmarking tool for you and your leadership team to gauge your individual and collective propensity to create Affinity within your organization.

The Leadership Appraisal is based on key questions asked of over 6,000 senior executives across the world in the Globe 2020 Report of CEO Leadership Behaviors and Effectiveness. These questions break down into 8 primary leadership dimensions that most influence top management team’s dedication and overall firm performance.



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Who Wins When BI (Business Intelligence) meets AI

Who Wins When BI (Business Intelligence) meets AI

The business world is abuzz with all things AI (Artificial Intelligence). But, what does it mean for jobs? How can it be leveraged? What should we be wary of when implementing AI? How does AI relate to what we do? And more importantly how do we apply AI to what we do?
All these and more questions abound. Having been in the AI space for over three years now, I have grown an appreciation of how powerful AI can be, but I have also come to recognize the importance of integrating BI (Business Intelligence) with AI to leverage insights AI can bring to light.

Dashboards are Dead. AI-Driven Business Intelligence is the Future.

Dashboards are Dead. AI-Driven Business Intelligence is the Future.

When I read “Dashboards are Dead”, a recent ThoughtSpot headline, it made me cringe.

Our product, AFFINITY OS™, uses dashboards to visualize the data our AI engine collects from customers/members and team members of our clients’ businesses. Did this mean we needed to rethink the UX, and/or the BI (Business Intelligence) that brings our data into focus?

As ThoughtSpot said in their opening paragraph, “For more than 20 years, dashboards served as a foundational element of business intelligence, helping leaders visualize and share valuable data across their organization.”

How to Win the America’s Cup of Fitness Business

How to Win the America’s Cup of Fitness Business

Team New Zealand’s innovative application of digital technology in yacht racing contributed significantly to its back-to-back victories in the America’s Cup races of 2017 and 2021. The team had a thorough understanding of the performance of its 75-foot AC75 monohull even before its launch in 2021, thanks to an AI-powered simulation tool. This tool enabled the team to conduct virtual races across numerous prototypes, honing their skills to navigate at speeds of 50 knots on meticulously refined hydrofoils under challenging conditions.

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