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The Affinity Principle Leadership Appraisal is a free benchmarking tool for you and your leadership team to gauge your individual and collective propensity to create Affinity within your organization.

The Leadership Appraisal is based on key questions asked of over 6,000 senior executives across the world in the Globe 2020 Report of CEO Leadership Behaviors and Effectiveness. These questions break down into 8 primary leadership dimensions that most influence top management team’s dedication and overall firm performance.



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Simple Management Practice to Elevate Your Leadership

Simple Management Practice to Elevate Your Leadership

Studies show that positive feedback needs to be delivered at a ration of 6:1 in order to counterbalance constructive feedback.

While one does not equal one in the feedback stakes, you can’t stay on course without giving constructive feedback.

So how do you deliver all these positive pieces of encouragement when you’re deluged by emails and all the trappings of leadership that weigh you down on a daily basis?

Wellness at Work Initiative: Wellness as a Culture, Not a Program

Wellness at Work Initiative: Wellness as a Culture, Not a Program

Recent world events, from the COVID-19 pandemic to environmental disasters, demonstrate the staggering cost of poor personal health. Today, more than ever, wellness leaders need to embrace strategies that build robust health and immunity–and workplaces are at the center of this urgent shift. In this session, we share perspectives and strategies to create workplaces that nurture long-term health through highly productive wellness cultures.

It Just Takes One Podcast Episode

It Just Takes One Podcast Episode

I got to sit down with Kelli Watson for an episode of her podcast, “It Just Takes One,” to discuss my new book, “The Affinity Principle.” Our conversation takes us from growing up in Australia along my journey to becoming a mindful business coach in the United States. Along the way, I share my formula for helping businesses succeed.

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