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The Affinity Principle Leadership Appraisal is a free benchmarking tool for you and your leadership team to gauge your individual and collective propensity to create Affinity within your organization.

The Leadership Appraisal is based on key questions asked of over 6,000 senior executives across the world in the Globe 2020 Report of CEO Leadership Behaviors and Effectiveness. These questions break down into 8 primary leadership dimensions that most influence top management team’s dedication and overall firm performance.



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How to Achieve the Ultimate State of Wellness

How to Achieve the Ultimate State of Wellness

That title should raise some red flags for you immediately.

I mean, who can predict what it would take to achieve the ultimate state of wellness for any individual?

There are commonly held beliefs, a great deal of science and a plethora of information available on the achievement of aspects of wellness, but “The Ultimate State of Wellness”? That’s a very individual and ethereal thing.

Wellness Real Estate Return on Wellness (ROW) = ROI

Wellness Real Estate Return on Wellness (ROW) = ROI

I remember the elation I felt the first time I completed the 13-minute ab track in my mentor’s aerobics class. Those were the days of “burn baby, burn”.

At that point in the fitness industry’s history, the term “Wellness” was just coming into our vernacular. Most of us fitness zealots didn’t really understand what wellness was, but on some level, it resonated with me as the way of the future.

As my career in fitness morphed into a career in wellness, my appreciation for the more holistic benefits of balancing body, mind and spirit were accentuated.

Does Our Built Environment Affect Our Relationships?

Does Our Built Environment Affect Our Relationships?

The “Big Mac” symbolizes the belief that more is better. If one beef patty is good, wouldn’t two beef patties be better?

Similarly, the colloquialism of the “McMansion” suggests that bigger is better when it comes to homes.

It feels as though in modern housing estates with tightly packed McMansions, compromise on the lot size is a given in order to get a bigger house for the money.

This is not just developers trying to maximize their land asset, it is also consumers saying they’d rather get a bigger house and forgo lot size in order to achieve additional square footage.

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