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How and When to be a Diplomatic Leader in Order to Foster Collaboration

How and When to be a Diplomatic Leader in Order to Foster Collaboration

The consummate leader needs to be both a diplomat and a truth-teller, and those things don’t always line up perfectly.

It is the role of the leader to guide their company and often, that involves smoothing the waters and sometimes delivering bad news.

The skills of the diplomat are those of sensitivity toward the stakeholders and finding a navigable path when things get bent out of shape. The diplomat needs to balance often disparate needs to find a resolution.

How to Transcend Troubling Times

How to Transcend Troubling Times

According to Business Insider, unemployment filings hit 55 million over the past 20 weeks.

Layoffs, furloughs, freezes on hiring and downsizing are all reaching epidemic proportions. Usually, downsizing and consolidations are associated with declining financial performance for the companies going through these transitions, but not necessarily.

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